Privacy Policy

This confidentiality policy informs you about the personal data that we collect when you use our website, and our mobile app. By collecting this information, we are acting as the Data Controller and, under the GDPR Act, (General Data Protection Regulation EU 2016/679), we are obliged to provide you with information on our company, on why and how we use your data, and on the rights you have concerning your personal data.

1. Who are we

We are the company, SPA GRAND PRIX S.A. Our address is 38, Route du Circuit | 4970 Stavelot | Belgium.
You may contact us by post to this address, or by email to the address or by telephone to +32 (0) 87 22 44 66.

All inquiries regarding our use of your personal data should be addressed to the above contact details.

1.1. Publication and hosting on our website:

The website is published and developed by the company:

Rue du Fort 5,
4671 Barchon, Belgique.

The website is hosted by the company:

RCS Lille Métropole 424 761 419 00045
Code APE 2620Z
Siège social : 2 rue Kellermann - 59100 Roubaix - France

1.2. Publication and hosting of our mobile app:

The mobile app is published and developed by the company:

DEUSE S.r.l.

Siège social : 72, Rue Cochêne, 4680 Hermée - Belgique

The mobile is hosted by the company:

RCS Lille Métropole 424 761 419 00045
Code APE 2620Z
Siège social : 2 rue Kellermann - 59100 Roubaix – France

2. Site internet : How we use your data ?

2.1. When you make a contact request via our website

When you make a contact request on our website, we ask you for your surname, first name, email address, phone number and your postal address.

We use this data in order to respond to your request for information, including provision of all the information you requested on our products and services. We may also contact you several times after your request for contact in order to follow up on your request for information. We will do this according to our legitimate interest in providing exact information before and after a sale or a request for information or for contact.

We retain the emails looking for information or for contact for a period of two years, after which these emails are permanently deleted.

2.2. When you create an account on our website:

When you create an account on our Website we ask for your surname, first name, and email address.

We use this data in order to proceed to the opening of your account. We may contact you after your request to open an account to inform you about our products and services to the email address indicated on the form.

Through creation of your account, you also accept your registration for our newsletter. If you do not wish this, you just need to untick this option at the bottom of the application form requesting the creation of your account.

When you accept registration for our newsletter, it is always possible for you to unsubscribe by using the link for opting out provided at the bottom of our newsletters or via our website.

Your data will be retained as long as you remain registered on our Website. You may unsubscribe or opt out at any time from our Website. Your registration data will then be immediately deleted from our database Deleting your account does not cancel your subscription to our newsletter.

2.3. When you make a purchase on our website

When you purchase any of our products on line, we ask for your name, address, contact phone number, email address and information on your credit card in the event you choose to make a payment by credit card. We also record your IP (Internet Protocol) address, which is your computer’s internet address.

We will use your information to process your order and to send you your products. We will also send you an order confirmation by email and we may use your phone number to contact you in regards to your purchase.

Your information is kept for as long as necessary to comply with our legal obligations regarding the retention period for accounting documents.

2.4. Policy in relation to Cookies

With the aim of facilitating your browsing online as well as optimising technical management, this website may use "cookies".

A cookie is a text file sent by a website to your browser to store certain types of data. This cookie may be retrieved during a subsequent visit to that site. The cookie can only be read by the website that has created it. Our website uses cookies for administrative purposes such as recording your preferences in regards to certain types of information, which allows you having to repeat the same keyboard entries each time you visit our site.

Most Cookies only function for the time of a session or visit. None of them contain information that make you susceptible to being contacted by phone, email or by post. It is also possible to configure your browser to be informed each time a cookie is installed or to prevent their recording.

2.4.1. Use of Cookies

When you use our website to see products and services and the information that we make available, a certain number of cookies are used by us and by third parties to allow the site to operate, to collect useful information on visitors and to improve your user experience.

Some of the cookies that we use are absolutely necessary in order for our website to function correctly, and we do not ask your permission to place them on your computer. These are "Necessary" cookies.

However, for cookies that are useful but not strictly necessary, we will always ask for your consent before placing them. As well as the cookies that we use, various third parties may also place cookies on your computer. All of these cookies will be placed on your computer only with your consent. This relates to "Preference", "Statistical" and "Marketing" cookies.

3. Mobile App : How we use your data

3.1. When you create an account on our mobile app

When you create an account on our mobile app, we ask for your email address and, on an optional basis, your date of birth, your gender and your nationality.

We use your email address in order to proceed to opening your account and to allow synchronisation, as the case may be, with your personal tickets (ticketing: adding your ticket to your mobile app). We may contact you after your request to open an account in order to inform you about our products and services to the indicated address.

We use your date of birth, your gender and your nationality for statistical reasons. This information is not obligatory for opening an account and it is up to you to decide whether or not to provide us with this information.

Your personal information is retained as long as you retain your account on our mobile app. You may delete your account and the mobile app at any time. All your registration information will then be directly deleted from our database. Deletion of your account or the mobile app does not lead to unsubscription from our Newsletter in the event you have subscribed to the Newsletter.

3.2. When you report an incident during your presence at the Spa Francorchamps Grand Prix

When you report an incident via the mobile application, we ask for your first and last name, e-mail address and telephone number. This information will be kept for as long as is necessary to manage the reported incident.

3.3. Policy in relation to Software development kit (SDK)

The term SDK, Software Development Kit, describes a range of tools intended for IT development for software design. games, apps on a device and/or an operating system. The SDK mobile is a box of tools that facilitate the development or enrichment of an app.

A SDK mobile is comprised of various modules in order to allow developers to operate the native functions of the phone (GPS, bluetooth, camera, etc.) and for marketing and statistical purposes.

3.4. Use of SDK

The SDKs that we use are strictly necessary for the functioning of our mobile app. We use SDKs in order to allow us to use;

  • Your geolocation: that will allow the mobile app to give you your location at the Circuit of Spa.
  • Notifications: in order to send you practical information and to give you the results of the various races.
  • Your camera in order to scan the QR Code on your ticket and to be able to present it with your mobile app during the control monitoring at the various entrances.

These three functionnalities (geolocation, notifications and camera) will be subject to your prior consent during the use of the app.

We do not collect any data in regards to your GPS position in regards to taking photo or video images. The GPS chip and your phone camera are used (after consent), but no data is collected. The position is used in real time and the information remains locally on your phone and is not transferred to our servers. Likewise, in regards to your camera as it’s used to recognise the QR codes but no photo or video image will be recorded.

We use both statistical (Firebase Analytics) and functional (Firebase Crashlytics) SDKs.

Use of Firebase Analytics

Our application uses Firebase Analytics to help us understand how our users interact with the application and improve their experience. Firebase Analytics automatically collects data on actions taken within the application, such as application opens and other user interactions.

Use of Firebase Crashlytics

Our application uses Firebase Crashlytics to help us track crashes in real time and provide us with detailed reports on stability issues encountered by users of our application.

The use of Firebase Analytics and Firebase Crashlytics is subject to your consent.

4. When you register to receive our Newsletter

When you register to receive our Newsletter, we ask for your email address.

By registering for our newsletter, you give your consent to receive information on our products, services and other information that, in our opinion, could interest you.

You may retract your consent at any time and we will stop sending you our newsletter. Your details will be retained as long as you continue to consent to receive our newsletter.

5. Sharing and transfer of your data

Your information is stored on our databases located in Europe and is not shared with third parties with the exception of our partner Synchrone for managing the ticket office and Deuse for managing the mobile app. Your data is stored in our databases located in Europe and is not shared with third parties. Your data is not sent outside Europe. We do not use your data to make automated decisions which could affect you.

6. Links to other websites

Our communications, our website or our mobile app may contain links to other websites. We are not responsible for the privacy policies of any of these websites or their services. We recommend that you read their privacy policies.

We ask that you make yourself aware of their own rules in relation to data protection.

7. Your right as a person concerned

In order to exercise your rights in relation to the protection of personal data (right of access, to deletion, to portability, to opposition, to oblivion, to correction, to restrictions on processing), or for any other information concerning your personal data, you can contact us directly by sending an email to the email address: or by writing to the postal address: 38, Route du Circuit | 4970 Stavelot | Belgium.

8. Your right to lodge a complaint

If you have a complaint to make in regards to our use of your personal information, you may contact us directly or lodge a complaint with:

Commission for Data Protection: :

Rue de la Presse, 35, 1000 Bruxelles
Tél. : +32 (0) 2 274 48 00

9. Updating our Confidentiality Policy:

We update our privacy policy regularly as our services evolve. If the use of your personal data changes, or if we wish to use your personal data in a way other than that for which you have given your consent, we will contact you to provide you with further information and, if necessary, to ask for your consent again.

We will update the version number and date of this document whenever it is modified.

Version 7, July 12, 2024.

10. General conditions of use:

Consult our general conditions of use here.

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