FAQs - Food & beverage

Food & beverage

Can I bring drinks and food?

Yes, you are allowed to bring your own drinks (except alcoholic drinks) and food. Please note that glass containers are not allowed.

Yes. We have more than 25 water points across the venue. In addition to that we have multiple hand wash stations, each of them providing dinkable water.

Yes, you can use different payment methods when you buy your tokens in the Food & Beverage tent: credit card, debit card and cash. If you do not buy these tokens, you can only use cash in the foodtrucks. So, take your precautions.

On site, we have food of all types to cater for different diets (healthy, vegetarian, etc.).

At the green campsite, a supermarket will be available. In addtition, a sports club will be preparing meals available for campers to buy.

There is no food or drinks available at the yellow campsites, but you can buy food and drinks on the Spa-Francorchamps circuit. In addition, you are allowed to bring your own drinks and food. Be careful, glass containers are prohibited.

However, there will be breakfasts, snacks and meals on sale at the Young Village. For more information, click here.