Spa Grand Prix

Gold Grandstand

Starting from 420 €
Children starting from 230 €

From Chicane to Eau Rouge, and passing by La Source, the Gold grandstands are varied and offer a different experience at each location.

Silver Grandstand

Starting from 270 €
Children starting from 225 €

Exit of La Source, Raidillon, Double Left, Bruxelles: 4 Silver grandstands ensure you get the 100% Grand Prix experience.

Bronze Area

Starting from 130 €
Children starting from 65 €

The Bronze Area is a pedestrian zone, located almost entirely in the circuit's perimeter, and is equipped with giant screens so you miss absolutely nothing of the race.

Speed corner

Starting from 280 €
Children starting from 160 €

Present since 2018, this stand, with a truly interesting price, offers a spectacular view of cars racing along at full speed.

Formula 1 Rolex Belgian Grand Prix official website

This is one of the favourite circuits for drivers because they can showcase their talent on the variety of the track in the hilly landscape of the Belgian Ardennes. It is sometimes called "the toboggan of the Ardennes". Designed in 1921 by Jules de Thier and Henri Langlois Van Ophem, the original 14,981 km track essentially had the shape of a triangle connecting Francorchamps, Malmedy and Stavelot and used public roads open to traffic at normal times.

Over the course of time, the speeds attained by cars made the track more and more dangerous for the safety of competitors. Thus, Jackie Stewart became a committed opponent following his accident at Burnenville in 1966. Dan Gurney used to say of this circuit that it "separated the men from the boys".


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Young Village

The Young Village, located merely 0.5km from the Circuit, is a campsite that accommodates young spectators during the Formula One Belgian Grand Prix.