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Camping tickets are only available on our official website (by clicking here). Please note that it is not possible to purchase camping tickets on site, neither at the ticket offices nor at the entrance of the campsites.

The campsites correspond to different locations and atmospheres:

  • The yellow campsite is recommended to families as it is the quietest. It is also recommended to holders of Gold, Silver 1 and Silver 2 tickets as it is located between La Source and Ster entrances.
  • The green campsite is generally more lively and is recommended for BRONZE, COMBES, SILVER 3, SILVER 4 and SPEED CORNER ticket holders. It is located near the entrance to Les Combes.
  • The Young Village is recommended to young visitors. Parties are organised and DJs are on stage some evenings. It is located near the Blanchimont entrance.

For weekend ticket holders, campsite is accessible from Thursday morning to Monday morning.

The Saturday-Sunday camping ticket gives access to the campsites from Saturday morning to Sunday evening.

It is permitted to park one vehicle per campground as long as it does not exceed 40m².

The GREEN, YELLOW & YOUNG VILLAGE campsites can accommodate a maximum of 5 people per pitch.

Campers do not have access to electricity. We therefore recommend that you bring your own portable battery, generator battery etc. However, the campsite is equipped with sanitary facilities (i.e. showers and toilets).

Yes, the campsites are equipped with sanitary facilities including toilets and showers.

Yes, you can cook on the campsite as long as the safety rules related to fire and its spread are respected.

There is no food or drink available at the yellow and green campsites, but you can buy food and drinks on the Spa-Francorchamps circuit. In addition, you are allowed to bring your own drinks and food. Be careful, glass containers are prohibited.

However, there will be breakfasts, snacks and meals on sale at the Young Village. For more information, click here.

No. There are no lockers at the campsite.

Children must also buy a ticket to access the campsite. They are counted as an adult among the 5 authorized persons per campsite.

If you lose your ticket or bracelet, contact us at or by phone at +32 87 22 44 66.

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