Spa Grand Prix

The uncovered grandstand Gold 4 : Eau-Rouge offers you an unimpeded view from the slope of the Raidillon.

Eau Rouge is a stream which runs under the little bridge at the foot of the Raidillon. Anglophones allude to Eau Rouge and include the Raidillon without always naming it. The Eau Rouge is a tributary of the Amblève river which served as the border between the Roman and German empires and later between Belgium and Germany.

Constructed in 1939, the Raidillon (literally the small steep road) has a drop of approximately 40 metres, from the start of the curve to the exit from the bend. It features a very impressive ramp which follows the descent of the cars after the hairpin of La Source. The sequence of movement, considered by numerous drivers as the most beautiful triple difficulty in the world, requires great mastery, not just to stay on the road but also to approach the straight line leading to Combes at the highest possible speed. Drivers find themselves faced with a wall and a succession of left, right, left corners without being able to glimpse the summit. The Raidillon replaced the former tight bend of the old customs post with a shorter and faster design.

Gold 4 : Eau-Rouge


Gold 4 : Eau-Rouge

Weekend, children 6 to 12 years old - Uncovered