Sustainable development policy

Conscious of sustainable development issues inherent in the event sector, SPA GRAND PRIX is undertaking a major change in its sustainable development approach by taking all possible short-, medium-, and long-term actions to reduce its environmental impact, by optimising the social and economic effects produced by its structure and its events on the local community.

The aim of this step is twofold: on one hand to swing into action ourselves, and on the other, to promote this approach with our sub-contractors and spectators. 

ISO 20121 Certification

The decision to adopt a system that is integrated with sustainable event management, required for requesting and obtaining ISO 20121 certification, is a significant forward step in the approach to the environmental, social and economic standpoint undertaken by SPA GRAND PRIX.  

SPA GP has signed a sustainable development policy based on the principles and values of the international ISO 20121 standard : rigour, proximity, accessibility, innovation, heritage, inclusion, integrity and vigilance. All these principles and values are fully integrated into all decisions taken by SPA GRAND PRIX teams. 

The entire system of sustainable management implemented for the Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix has been recognised as respecting the principles decreed by the international ISO 20121 standard.

The Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix is certified according to the requirements of this standard.

Handbook for spectators oriented to sustainable development

Follow our advice and help to make the Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix and daily life more sustainable. Respect for the environment is a major challenge and is therefore the concern of all!


Don’t litter or throw anything on the ground. 

Your efforts at sorting waste will help save natural resources, will avoid waste and will limit pollution. You will find bins for sorting your waste in many areas of the Circuit. 

The most frequented areas of the Circuit will be equipped with sorting centres comprising two types of bins:

  • PMC [plastic, metal, cardboard] for plastic packaging (bottles, sachets, etc.), metal (cans, aluminium punnets, tins, etc.), drink carton, cardboard etc.;
  • Residual for anything else, including any of your food waste.

We also remind you that ECO CUPS will be used throughout the Fan Zone as well as in the GOLD 1 and GOLD 9 zones.

If you find yourself in an area with no waste sorting centre, we ask that you hold onto your waste and dispose of it in the correct bins.

Be respectful of the environment, even when enjoying yourself 

Continue to adopt sustainable behaviour even when you’re out having a good time, and not just when you’re at home. Don’t waste food, water or energy in the structures accommodating you. 

No cigarette butts on the ground! 

Don’t throw cigarette butts on the ground, once extinguished you can throw them in the bins provided for them on the terraces and near the bins for the sorted waste collection. 

Moving around in a sustainable wayOVING AROUND IN A SUSTAINABLE WAY 

To get to the Circuit, try to use public transport, bicycles and various methods of sharing (City Shuttles, car-sharing) that are excellent solutions for travelling in an intelligent and sustainable way. 

Only use your car when absolutely necessary, or if it is a hybrid or electric car, and share cars on journeys with friends.

Fan travels

Take action to reduce the impact of your travels!

 Any questions ?

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SPA GRAND PRIX offers a shuttle service, the City Shuttles, which will run from Friday 26 July to Sunday 28 July 2024. Departures are from several Belgian and border towns and are scheduled to arrive at the circuit at around 9am. The City Shuttles will depart in the evening at around 7 pm (time to be reconfirmed).

Ticket prices differ depending on the city of departure. You can check the prices by clicking here.

A City Shuttle ticket includes return trips for one person and must be used on the same day.

Aachen, Antwerp, Brussels, Charleroi, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Eindhoven, Liège, Lille, Luxembourg, Maastricht, Mons and Namur.

Tickets for shuttle bus users between Verviers-Central station and the GRAND PRIX site will be sold at a TEC ticket office located at the entrance to Verviers-Central station.

The prices are as follows:

  • Friday: 30 EUR (ticket valid for 3 days)
  • Saturday: 20 EUR (ticket valid for 2 days)
  • Sunday: 10 EUR

Buy Tickets

  • Aachen, €55: departure at 7.30 am from the train station (Aachen Hauptbanhof).
  • Antwerp, €60: departure at 6.30 am from the Wommelgem municipal administration, Kaakstraat 2, 2160 Wommelgem.
  • Brussels Midi, €60: departs at 6.30 am from Rue de la France, the bus stop is just outside the station shopping mall.
  • Brussels North, €60: departs at 6.30 am from the corner of Place du Nord and Rue du Progrès.
  • Charleroi, €60: departs at 6.40am from Rue de la Villette 62, behind Charleroi Sud station.
  • Cologne, €55: departs at 7.30am from the Messe district, Ottoplatz 7, 50679 Cologne, Germany.
  • Düsseldorf, €60: departs at 6.45am from the Neusser Strasse car park, at the Rheinkniebrücke (under the bridge and junction is a car park for cars and coaches).
  • Eindhoven, €60: departs at 6.30am from P+R Meerhoven Eindhoven, Sliffertsestraat 304, 5657 Eindhoven.
  • Liège, €55: departs at 7.30 am from Place de Bronckart, 4000 Liège, 750 m from Liège-Guillemins station.
  • Lille, €90: departs at 5.15am from allée des Marronniers 1, 59800 Lille, France.
  • Luxembourg, €60: departs at 7am from Parking Adenauer, Boulevard Konrad Adenauer, 1359 Luxembourg.
  • Maastricht, €55: departs at 7.30am from the train station, Place de la Gare, Spoorweglaan.
  • Mons, €60: departs at 6.15am from Mons station, Place Léopold.
  • Namur, €55: departs at 7.30am from Boulevard du Nord, just behind Namur station.