Why order at Spagrandprix ?

Book on the Belgian Grand Prix promoter’s website so no subcontractor.

No subcontractor, therefore you will only pay 15€ for “Mailing and Cashing” only once even if you have other bookings.

Promo price until the 31st of May 2019.

Be able to choose the zone where you would like to be seated in the grandstand.

Insurance to receive your tickets .

Professional following of your order.

Receive some informative newsletters.

Secured payment.

Advantage of the “Privilege Card”.

The Company is located at the circuit of Spa-Francorchamps so an easy following up of your file before and during the event.


Privilege Card

This is a ship card like a credit card containing all the information about your order.

This card is reusable and refillable not like the current ticket who can only be used once.

For the price of 8€, you only pay once the shipping cost (15 €).

Indeed, you can if you wish reload this card the following year from your computer. You need to return to your customer account and give the serial card number without any charges. You simply pay the price of your entry.

After purchasing your tickets, you will receive an e-mail with the location of your seats(except Bronze zone) that you will need to take with you during the GP.

Mobility Solution

A coach will take you from those cities to the track and from there to the cities. This package is only for Sunday tickets and it is free of charge. For your information, the coach will drop you and take you back at the P1 in Ster entry.


Gare du midi: 6.45am
Meeting point: Rue de France, coach parking at the exit of the shop center of the train station.

Gare du Nord: 6.45am
Meeting point: Rue du Progès, near the entry of the train station.

Wommelgem : 6.15am

Meeting point: in front of the municipal administration, Kaakstraat 2 at 2160 Wommelgem.

Leuven : 6.45am

Meeting pont: in front of the train station, Martelarplein 16 in 3000 Leuven.

Mons : 6h15

Meeting point: Mons train station, Leopold square.

Liège : 7.30am

Meeting point: Guillemins train station, bus and taxi parking in front of the train station.

Luxembourg : 7.15am

Meeting point: Luxembourg bus station, train station square.


Charleroi Gare: 6.30am
Meeting point: Square des Martyrs, in front the Charleroi train station.

Namur : 7.20am

Meeting point: Namur train station, Boulevard Ernest Mélot, in front of the main building (arcade building).

Brugge : 5.45am

Meeting point: Brugge train station, Stationsplein 5 at 8000 Brugge.

Gentbrugge : 6.50am

Meeting point: train station, Rinskopflaan 55 in 9050 Gentbrugge.

Maastricht : 7.15am

Meeting point: Maastricht train station, train station square, Spoorweglaan.

Aix La Chapelle (Aachen) : 8.00am

Meeting point: Aachen train station.