Spa Grand Prix
The Yellow, Green and Red Area car parks are grassy car parks (meadows/fields) with dedicated entrances and exits.
These car parks are located in the La Source/Ster (Yellow Area), Combes (Green Area) and Blanchimont (Red Area) zones. So choose the car park according to your admission ticket/stand area!
The Yellow bis car park is located not far from the centre of the village of Francorchamps, in a grassy area specially laid out for the event.
The advantage?
Take a easier route via the E25 motorway and reach the centre of the village by direct shuttle bus!
A recommended route that will certainly save you time.

Parking Yellow E25 is a car park not far from the centre of Francorchamps.
Access the car park via the E25 motorway and benefit from a smoother flow of traffic, both on arrival and on the way back !

Once in the car park, you have two options : 

  • Shuttle buses will drop you off at any time in the centre of Francorchamps, near the Source and P15 entrances.
  • Take your bikes with you and use the Ravel to access our free and secure bike park at the Blanchimont entrance.

You will receive an electronic ticket (E-ticket) to your email address for the parking or campsite that you will be able to print.

The E-ticket is a ticket that can be printed at home. It is supplied with a unique barcode and can only be used once. The E-ticket must be placed in a visible position on the windscreen of the vehicle so that it can pass through the checkpoints rapidly. Each E-ticket is scanned at the entrance to the parking or camping area and its validity is checked thanks to its barcode. Consequently, if you have ordered two or more E-tickets, you will print each one of them off on A4 paper.

You will receive an email with your E-ticket included as an attachment. You will then be able to log on to your computer and print it at your convenience. In the event of a printing or other problem, you can print your E-ticket several times. However, you must be careful that you only use it once. In fact, only the first E-ticket scanned will be admitted to the parking or camping area.

If your E-ticket for Parking/Camping is for a third party, you can give it as a gift with no problem. The purchaser is responsible for the use of the Parking/Camping E-ticket.

The yellow, green and red parkings are located in grassy areas.

Car Parking Yellow Area